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Engineering Seminary

Project to promote STEM with youth at schools and colleges with UPR Carolina students


Inspired by the integration disciplines system STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the University of Puerto Rico - Carolina Campus in collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus and the Polytechnic University took to the task of generating an educational project that joined forces with several private sector companies whose fields of expertise were related to these disciplines and integrated them into their work. Some of the companies participating in this project were: AG Group, Bella International, Novartis and GMTS.

As part of this effort a STEM Boot Camp was created. Its goal was to teach students to apply science and mathematical concepts in the fields of engineering and technology.

Our main objectives within this initiative were:

• to give visibility to the Control and Automotive Mechanics programs

• to integrate the private employment sector to educational initiatives

• to help students develop relevant skills that allow them to project themselves effectively and competently at the workplace

We were able to do so successfully and our participation had great impacts on all the participation students.

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