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Our Projects

  • BioPharma Product Technology Transfer
    Client: BioPharma in Puerto Rico The main purpose of this project was to upgrade the existing technology in a manufacturing area to improve cycle time and process robustness. Some of the biggest challenges we faced were: • having to implement our solution during operations • full gowning while working • limited shutdown windows • close cooperation among crafts To guarantee success, we used the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach that calls for tight collaboration between owner, design firm, construction management firm and the main contractors. We were appointed as the Electrical & Instrumentation contractor partner for this project. Our duties included: the purchase and installation of new process equipment such as: holding tanks, micro-filtration skids, cryo vessels and scales as well as retrofits of existing equipment such as: UF/DF, CIP, Harvest tanks and ancillary equipment. They also involved changes of electrical, instrumentation & controls and utilities. Our scope of work included clean rooms as well as mechanical spaces, and the areas impacted were Media Hold, Cell Culture Harvest, Purification and Bulk Fill. The project also included manufacturing of 40 new control, electrical and pressure monitoring panels at our very own panel manufacturing shop.
  • Reverse Phase Superskid
    Client: BioPharma in Puerto Rico Our client requested the fabrication of a Reverse Phase Skid. We were asked to fabricate and install the control panels and install PVC coated conduits and wires for the signals between the control panels, Foundation Fieldbus and DeviceNet instruments. In addition to the 6 main control panels, 16 small control boxes for Foundation Fieldbus and DeviceNet had to be furnished and installed. Our scope of work also included the installation of pneumatic control valves.
  • New Blending Facility Expansion Project
    Client: Rum Production Facility A major rum manufacturer contacted us to help them with an expansion project for a new blending facility, an existing and a new tank farm and truck unloading facility. We were involved in: • Panel fabrication • Installation of DeviceNet • Instrument procurement • Electrical installations on explosion areas
  • Purification Upgrade Project
    Client: Leading Biopharma Company in Puerto Rico The client was building a new insulin production facility. Our scope of work on the project included both clean areas and mechanical spaces. We worked in reactors and purification and harvest tanks; purchased and installed new process equipment such as tanks, control panels & industrial networks; did changes in the electrical system, instrumentation & controls and utilities. We also provided support for start-up and passivation.
  • Fermentation Upgrade Project
    Client: Biopharma Company in Carolina, Puerto Rico The Fermentation Upgrade Project impacted an existing customer area to accommodate the expansion of an insulin production facility. The scope of work included explosive & corrosive areas and mechanical spaces: • we installed additional storage tanks • purchased and installed new process equipment (such as holding tanks) • performed changes in the electrical system, instrumentation & controls and utilities to support production modifications. We also provided support for start-up and passivation.
  • Product Transfer Project
    Client: Biopharma Company in Puerto Rico Our client transferred a product from a European facility to Puerto Rico. The process impacted the stages of fermentation, harvest, Inclusion Body Recovery (IBR) and purification. We provided installation services for all the necessary electrical & instrumentation works in each of these stages in the manufacturing process. We also worked with DeviceNet, ControlNet and Ethernet industrial networks, manufactured 29 control panels, and provided automation engineering support.
  • PLC Upgrade Bulk Tank Farm
    Client: Food and Beverage Company in Cidra, Puerto Rico This project involved an upgrade from the existing 505 Siemen PLCs control systems to ControlLogix 5000. We were commissioned to do VFD panel design, drawings, installation and commissioning of 27 VFDs with line reactor for the agitator motor and transfer pump.
  • Tank Farm Controls & Electrical Reclasification
    Client: Bulk Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company in Arecibo, Puerto Rico In order to upgrade the electrical zone classification for the Tank Farm it had to meet the requirements of the new area classification as per NEC. Our solution was to design a brand new NEMA 4X Control Panel that included high density combination starters with the necessary relay interlock logic to reach the regulatory requirements. Along with the control panel, new power panels and a power transformer were installed in a nearby safe area. All the existing equipment and installations that did not comply with the new classification were removed and replaced.
  • Redundant Power Source
    Client: BioPharma Company in Puerto Rico In order to ensure the ongoing operation of a Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in a client’s substation that had only one power source (and was identified as a single point of failure) we provided a redundant power source from another substation to the WWTP as backup to the existing substation.
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