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Energy Contractor

Service Consolidation and New Technologies For Cost Effectiveness

How can you save your company time and money while conquering all your businesses’ energy needs? By using us as your single source electrical and instrumentation contractor to reduce costs and provide continuity to every project that requires attention. 


For many years providing full electrical construction services for industrial and commercial facilities has been an integral part of our services. But now we’ve doubled up our value offer by integrating electrical contractor and instrumentation contractor services under one roof.

Our team still provides traditional electrical installation services like electrical retrofits, maintenance, and installations of industrial process machinery, pharmaceutical clean rooms and on hazardous areas. But we have combined them with specialty industrial wiring, process instrumentation services and the latest renewable energy technologies, including solar power. 

Other services include: Building Lighting Systems, BAS Systems, Illumination, MCC’s and Transformers, Pumps and Process Equipment, Process Instrumentation Industrial Control Panels, Process Skids.


On the new technologies front, at AG Group we are certified installers for Photovoltaic Systems. We also have the inside information on tax credits and government incentives that promote the use of clean energy. 

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