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Instrumentation & Calibration

Because Smart is the New Fast

Our capabilities and experience combine with modern instrumentation and data analytics for accurate process optimization.


Data networks have revolutionized the world of instrumentation and calibrations. Processes can now be optimized in ways that we couldn’t even dream of. By combining our knowledge of the smart capabilities of modern instruments, the information available through data networks and our 30 years of experience in instrumentation serving the bio-pharmaceutical, food & beverage and utilities industries we offer our clients a recipe for success that will guarantee a fast response to your businesses’ every need.

Our wide array of services ranges from applications engineering, to configuration and calibrations, including commissioning, start up support, automation and controls systems design. 

Services and capabilities at a glance:

• Instuments Specifications
• Installations

• Configuration
• Calibrations
• Procurement
• BenchTesting

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