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Specialty Services

Short Term Results Without Long Term Commitment

There is no need to invest in staff that you can easily outsource. As a full service business partner, AG Group can provide your company with a variety of specialty services without the need for a permanent hire.


Staff Supplementation & Outsourcing Services for the Life Science Industry – at any given point, your company might need to supplement your core staff without the hassle of going through the interview and hiring process of an employee. We have highly qualified personnel in our roster, including engineers, instrumentation technicians, mechanics, electricians, operators and clerks, that can work as residents at your facility to save you time and money.


Maintenance Procedures and Services – most electrical and industrial control panels require proper maintenance to assure uptime and guarantee continuity.

To best serve you, a team of our experts can help you develop and execute customized maintenance procedures to keep your business running smoothly.

Services and capabilities at a glance:

• Staff Suplementation & Outsourcing

• Data Cables Installations & Certifications


• Commissioning & Validation Support

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